Come live the Mi'gmaq experience in Gaspé! Located on a headland of the north shore from the Gaspé Bay, close to the mountain and close to the forest, the Micmac interpretation site of Gespeg will make you discover our Nation from yesterday and today, its occupation of Gaspé region, its history and its culture. You will understand how our traditional way of life and even contemporary, is closely linked to water. People of the sea, the Micmac Nation is alive for a thousand years!
Explore the universe with the Mi'gmaq interpretive center and gift shop and the faithful reconstruction of a traditional village and summer camp as found in the seventeenth century. Good weather, bad weather, live a unique experience on Mi'gmaq land in the presence of interpreters and artisans members of the Nation. Enjoy our ancestral know-how as well as our contribution to the Gaspé community.

Browse through a short trail through a village where wigwams, round fire, utility objects and hunting traps will unveil practical and ingenious lifestyle of our ancestors.

Discover the major characteristics of the Mi'gmaq of the province of Gespegewegi during the years 1670 - 1690, when the beginnings of European settlement.

The visit of the traditional camp provides an overview of its social organization and physical displacement and hunting and fishing activities practiced according to the four seasons. Some demonstrations and tastings complete the experience.

Learn the influence of spirituality and traditional medicine of the Mi'gmaq culture in socio-cultural and trade with first European. Even today, the Micmac Nation continues its contribution to the modern community and sees to exercise entrepreneurship in various fields of business for the benefit of members of his community.

A thematic permanent exhibition introduces you through the writings and testimonies of the early missionaries and explorers, to the the Mi'gmaq universe: its prehistoric origin the Mi'gmaq provinces coasts of the Atlantic, the influence of Mi'kmaq Gaspesian toponyms including the Gaspé means "where the land ends."
A collection of utilitarian objects, clothing and traditional hunting and fishing tools allows you to develop an understanding of the lifestyle of the nomadic people living in harmony with nature.

Our boutique offers a range of authentic handicrafts and quality products. It highlights the Mi'gmaq crafts and other products native culture of Quebec.
Whether it is a traditional wicker basket, an original jewel, a beneficial herbal tea or a product derived from medicinal plants, obtain a genuine souvenir of your Mi'gmaq experience.