The community's story begins in the sixteenth century when the Mi'gmaq is constantly intallent in Gaspé Bay. In their Gespeg village, our ancestors have maintained for decades links with European fishermen. The Recollect Chrestien Le Clercq began his mission with Mi'gmaq and leaves written erecting a representative picture of the daily life of the natives.

Although these new products and foreign influences were appearing, the Mi'gmaq of the time still retain their values and traditional lifestyle by living in close contact with nature that surrounds them.


Three centuries later, Gespeg is again impregnated with this atmosphere erected  a replica of a camp and an interpretive site that allow visitors to discover the world of the Mi'gmaq through the four seasons. This place of exchange promotes the preservation of our traditions and our deep knowledge of the environment and enhances our expertise acquired over the years.

The guided tour and the permanent exhibition relate of this knowledge and demonstrate the daily of our ancestors through different objects and interpretation tools. A boutique on the first floor where we can discover various art pieces made by the Mi'gmaq.
Welcome to the Micmac interpretation Site Gespeg.


The mission of the Micmac interpretation Site of Gespeg's is to showcase the Mi'gmaq culture of the Aboriginal community in Gaspé. It is through his interpretive activities, the site highlights is the history of the community from 1675 to today.
The site also has an important role in Mi'gmaq craft by allowing community artisans to make and sell their products in the boutique.
Finally, the site wants to be an economic engine for the community as it creates more than 15 seasonal jobs and is fundamental to the survival of the traditions and the Mi'gmaq culture.


Our resources and our actions are aligned in three key directions of our organization:
  • The satisfaction of our customers
  • The commitment and flourishing of our employees
  • The setting value of community

We aim to integrate the three following values:
  • Welcome quality and service
  • Cleanliness of the location
  • Respect for nature and people (staff and visitors)


The promise of the Micmac interpretation Site of Gespeg team is to offer an authentic and unique experience to its guests.

In order to contribute to making the visitor experience and a memorable moment for our organism to be recognized as a high-level business in the Gaspésie tourism industry, the Micmac interpretation site of Gespeg  team  commits to

  • Offering a personalized and authentic welcome;
  • Interact with respect and courtesy to visitors;
  • Provide tourist information tailored to their request;
  • Make available to visitors a functional and safe place;
  • Be a proud ambassador of the Mi'gmaq culture;
  • Interpret aptly and rigorously the foundations of the Mi'gmaq culture;
  • Establish responsible environmental practices in reducing the impact on the environment;
  • Contribute to economic and social development of the Gespeg community.

Our boutique offers a range of authentic handicrafts and quality products. It highlights the Mi'gmaq crafts and other products native culture of Quebec.
Whether it is a traditional wicker basket, an original jewel, a beneficial herbal tea or a product derived from medicinal plants, obtain a genuine souvenir of your Mi'gmaq experience.